Bedding & Seating Wire


Our modern wire drawing equipment is designed to draw bedding and seating wire to the exacting requirements of the latest high speed coil formers.

Wire Supplies bedding and seating wire is approved internationally by premium manufacturers for use in bonnel, pocket and LFK configurations.


Size Range:

All diameters from 1.2mm to 5.0mm

Tensile Strength:

Up to 2100 MPa


Copper washed or phosphated


Supplied on cardboard cores up to 1200kg. Plactic wrapped for corrosion protection.

Packaging Options

Core 1: Wire diameter:  1.2mm – 4.8mm, mass 500 – 800kg

Core 2: Wire diameter:  1.2mm – 4.8mm , mass 650- 800kg

Core 3: Wire diameter:  1.8mm – 4.3mm , mass 800 – 950kg

Core 4: Wire diameter:  1.8mm – 4.3mm , mass 800 – 1200kg


Wire storage and dispatch

After wire drawing, all coils are tested and may on customer request be plastic wrapped prior to dispatch.