Prestressed wire

Steel wire for use in prestressed concrete applications

Wire Supplies has a state of the art P.C. line for the manufacture of high tensile steel wire for use in the pre-stressing of concrete.  Wire can now be supplied in the stress relieved or cold drawn condition.

Stress Relieved Wire – Low Relaxation

Wire is supplied in large diameter self straightening coils with either a plain or indented surface. Wire conforms in all aspects to the international standard pr EN10138.

Table 1 below summarizes the dimensions and properties of wire used in the pre-stressing of concrete.

Typical Coil dimensions are:

ID 1470mm OD 2300mm Coil Mass – 2200kg. Specific customer requirements on coil diameter and mass can be accommodated through adjustable take-ups.




Wire in mill coils:

Wire is available in the as-drawn condition as discribed in Table 2 below:




Note: Non-standard wire diameters and tensile strengths may be manufactured on request.